Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oh My Stars! quilt along blocks #11 & #12

I'm quite behind on my production of Oh My Stars! quilt along blocks.  I was away this past weekend at a quilting retreat in Phoenix Arizona (a delightful group of quilters from's Quilting Forum .. it was our 10th anniversary of having this retreat!).  I didn't sew any blocks for this quilt along during the retreat.

Upon my return home and after non-sewing obligations were fulfilled, I got busy ... blocks #11 (Radiant Star) and #12 (Checkerboard Star) were made.

The Radiant Star is interesting as it has an on-point square for its center.  I made myself a window template that would enable me to fussy-cut the center square.

The Checkerboard Star was a welcome relief from complicated blocks ... most of the sub-units were cut from a strip set!

I seem to be having some problems with sizing these blocks correctly.  When I'm finished sewing, the untrimmed blocks are slightly oversized.  Normally, this would be fine because I can then trim away the excess.  Unfortunately, it wasn't *just* the background pieces that were oversized ... the entire block was! 

AND ... to add insult to injury ... when the block *was* trimmed to the proper size, sometimes I didn't have a 1/4" seam allowance beyond the star points!  aaarrrggghhhh!!  This means the points are going to be clipped when the blocks are sewn together.  I *hate* that! 

But  ...  ::shrug:: ...  I don't hate it enough to re-do all those blocks.  There are just a whole lotta blocks that I still need to sew.  I'll just try, with each new block, to be better at the proper seam allowance and use proper pressing techniques.

On an entirely different topic ... I received an Anonymous/no-reply comment that my blog wasn't able to be seen properly in the Chrome browser.  Concerned, I installed Chrome and looked at my blog with it.  Honestly, I couldn't see where there was any problem whatsoever with reading the blog or in its formatting.  So ... dear Anonymous .. whoever you are ... I did try but can't see where there is any problem.  Please do let me know of something specific so I can research further.


  1. Hey Shelley, just wanted to let you know that I use Chrome from time to time and have no problems viewing your blog with that browser. In fact, I'm using Chrome right now with no problems viewing.

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  3. Robin .. thanks for the verification that reading the blog using Chrome is fine. I was really scratching my head trying to figure out where the problems were! :-)

  4. Same here Re: Chrome. I'm viewing the "original", *and* I also see it fine as a subscription in my Google Reader (on Chrome).