Thursday, June 23, 2011

Serendipty wall-hanging from a Lone Star border block

Way back in October 2000, I took a Lone Star class from the fabulous, nationally known author and instructor, Laura Nownes.  Turns out she lives locally.  Who woulda thunk it?  :-)

The outer border of her Lone Star is made up of Drunkard's Path blocks ... 3-inch blocks in hot pink and vibrant green.  While many students used scissors to cut out the small Drunkard's Path pieces, I was able to zip-zip-zip through it by using the small 28mm rotary cutter with my plastic templates. The cut-out leftovers were so perfectly formed that I determined to do something ..anything .. with them. At the end of class, I sat at my table and played with the cut-out pieces, moving them around to different configurations. Laura must have noticed and been curious because she walked over to where I was in the corner to watch me play. I explained that the pieces were cut so nicely that I just couldn't throw them away. She chuckled and said that she could actually see the wheels turning in my head!

At home, during the intervening week prior to the next session, I finalized the design and constructed a very simple design with raw edge applique by machine that resulted in a long, narrow wall-hanging. I was actually quite pleased with it.

I backed it with some fabric that I had garnered from my mother's stash .. it had the same vibrant colors as the front, although it was most definitely a 1960's design!

As an aside, my older brother came to visit and admired the wall-hanging. This was truly astounding, since if an item isn't cars or guns or trains, my brother doesn't really pay attention. When I mentioned that the back of the wall-hanging was of our Mom's fabric, he was much intrigued. While he was engrossed in conversation with Mr. Pirate, I quickly put a hanging sleeve on it, as well as one of my nifty pirate labels and gave it to him right then.

He *was* surprised ... but not as much as I was when we visited his house ... he had turned the wall-hanging so that the backing .. our Mom's fabric .. was showing! I was really puzzled and asked him why .. he said that the label was so neat, he thought that was the side that was suppposed to show!!!   ::thunk head on wall::  :-)

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