Monday, June 13, 2011

companion throw pillow to the Oz Jelly Roll top

I had some leftover pieced corner pieces from the Oz Jelly Roll top.  They were such cute triangle pieces and of such a good size that I couldn't quite throw them away.  So, I combined them with leftover pieces of the other fabric used in the top and made a box throw pillow!

In fact, I had *two* sets of leftover pieced corner pieces and was able to construct two different blocks.  Instead of making two throw pillows, I decided to make one reversible pillow.

 However, the first set of corner pieces resulted in a block that was just >thismuchtoosmall< for the 14" pillow insert I had.  So, I added a very narrow outer border to bring it up to size.  I must admit, it does look at bit odd, being that narrow and all at the perimeter, but it did the job.
For the second set of corner pieces, I just made the outer border oversized and trimmed it to size.

I put piping around each edge of the boxing strip and put a zipper in the boxing strip so the cover could be removed for laundering.  HOWEVER (and why is there *always* a 'however'?), I miscalculated or mismeasured or mis-something because the zippered opening is a tad too small to easily put the insert inside the cover.  ::sigh::  I got it in, but hope it NEVER EVER has to be laundered!

For the quilting, I did feathers!  I am enamored of feathers!  After learning how to do Sally Terry's "Hooked on Feathers" and then seeing how Karen McTavish does her Victorian feathers, I now know how to do tradtional looking feathers instead of sausage looking feathers.  :-)  I am so pleased and find myself wanting to do feathers everywhere!  I haven't quite ventured out into the freeform, swirly spine, meandering feathers yet ... but eventually I'll get there. :-)

The really neat thing about pillows is they are, in essense, mini-quilts.  They are small and easily finished.  It sure gives me a nice sense of accomplishment to see (finally!) a finished quilted project instead of another top hanging up, waiting to be quilted!

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