Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jane Austen quilt, part 8: moving right along

As of 5/21/11, here is where I am in the construction of my "inspired by" the Jane Austen quilt.  The top right triangular portion is sashed and I've just sewn the longest sashing of the quilt.  Woo hoo!!  From now on, all the sashings will be shorter ... and thank goodness for that!

The portion of the quilt to the left of the "empty" diamond space in the middle is just pinned to my design sheet.

While I am enjoying seeing how progress is being made on this top, it is simply tedious sewing. I am trying to keep all the short sashing segments aligned with each other so they don't look like they are wiggling all over the place.  Mostly, I think I've done a good job.

I'm beginning to ponder how on earth is this top going to be quilted????  An edge to edge would just destroy the look.  I'm thinking that a very simple stitch in the ditch along the sashing seamlines would be appropriate ... with no other quilting in either the sashing or diamonds.

The big diamond space in the middle is going to contain an embroidered letter.

Any comments or suggestions as to quilting?


  1. I`m loving your quilt! I just got a 60° diamond template and found you by googling "Diamond Quilts". My search is over! I have a stack of fave fabrics I`ve been hoarding for a special project and I do believe this is it. Needless to say, I`ll be checking back to see the finished quilt. Thanx for the inspiration!

  2. Hiya, Carla Sue! I'm kinda stalled right now on good ol' Jane ... our oldest daughter is getting married and I'm making her wedding outfit. Needless to say, that is taking precedence over EVERYTHING right now. :-)

    Jane Austin is still hanging on my design wall and the Dear Daughter for whom it is destined continually reminds me that she is waiting Ever So Patiently. :-)

    The current status of Jane is slightly more pieced than in this photo but the center motif has not been inserted yet. I think I may put a piece of muslin in there as a place-holder during the construction process, just so I don't have an unsupported hole in the middle.

    I'll return to working on Jane towards the end of September. :-)

    Thanks for your comment; I love getting them! :-)

  3. Did you ever quilt this one? I have a suggestion. I saw a beautiful quilt designed by Kaffe Fassett that was very similar to your quilt. It had been tied with embroidered French knots on the front, at each corner of the blocks. I loved that idea so much!

  4. Bug .. this one is on hiatus. After carefully arranging the shades of little purple diamonds in the originally requested pattern, the recipient changed her mind and asked they be done differently.

    That meant I would have been required to RIP OUT everything previously done.

    I declined to make the modification and there it sits. My interest in finishing it has dimmed. Doggone shame too, cuz more than quite a few of my quilting buddies contributed a LOT of purple scraps & pieces of fabric for this project. So, I'm a little on the peeved side.

    However, I will need to see if I can find the Kaffe Fassett quilt you mentioned ... for future reference, if nothing else.