Saturday, May 07, 2011

Jane Austen quilt, part 6 - third time's a charm

Happily, *this* sashing fabric choice made the cut (uh .. oh, a pun!).  The ribbon stripes have been removed, pressed and put away for some other project, yet to be determined.

The *REAL* sashing is now being sewn to all those hundreds and thousands and inkle-dillion diamonds.  (Not really, but it sure feels like a gazillion.)  The setting triangles for each diagonal row are cut out (since I hadn't done them previously), I stack all the diamonds for the row on top of each other then chain stitch them to a sashing strip.  They look rather like a banner.  :-)  The seam allowance is pressed towards the sashing strip and they are then cut apart and re-stacked on each other.

Then the diamonds (which now have a sashing segment sewn to them) are sewn together to form the diagonal row.

The diagonal row is sewn to the previous sashing strip. I'm trying to be very careful to align the seams of the sashing segments to the sashing segments of the previous row.  I'm doing pretty well on that score (see the red dashed line).  They aren't all 100% perfect; there are some alignments that could be better.  But from the back of a galloping horse at a distance of 5 miles while there is a 10 mph breeze, it looks doggone good.  :-)

The seam allowance is pressed towards the sashing.

A new, long sashing strip is cut and sewn to the newly sewn diagonal row.  I have reached the point where a single WOF cut from the sashing fabric isn't sufficiently long enough for the diagonal row.  I need to piece the sashing.  The seamline should (ideally) align with  the sashing segment seamlines for visual continuity.  My first attempt (the green dashed line) was almost good enough.  I think next time I'll try Sharon Schamber's glue basting tip.

Continue onwards, ad infinitum.  This sashing fabric looks very much like the original sashing fabric (of which I didn't have enough), so DD#2 is pleased.  I'm pleased that she is pleased.  We are both pleased with each other.  Isn't that nice?  :-)

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