Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Really Cheap Egg

We have 22 chickens ... a whole bunch of different breeds.  Two of those chickens are Americaunas; they lay green shelled eggs.  They consistently lay large sized green shelled eggs.  They're pretty regular about it.

And then .... one day last week (or so), as I was collecting the eggs, I came across one of the cheapest eggs I've ever picked up.  I have absolutely NO idea what was up with either of the Americaunas that they felt compelled to produce such an egg .. but there it was ... substantially smaller than what they usually lay.

Here's the cheap egg next to a paper clip, for comparison.

Whenever we do get excessively small eggs like this, we like to call them "rooster eggs".  Why?  Well, because no self-respecting HEN would lay an egg as cheap as this!   heh ... we get a kick out of the city slickers to don't get the "rooster egg" thing ... they ask, quite sincerely ... "Gosh, I didn't know roosters laid eggs.".

::thunk::  Here's your sign.  :-)

The next day?  Back to normal.  ::shrug::  Chickens are weird critters.


  1. Sort of like a mini-quilt or a mug rug....small but still pretty.

  2. Happens among our flock, too! They only have egg-white, no yolk.