Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jane Austen quilt, part 3 - cutting the diamonds

I am now able to return to the pieced project that will be consuming my time for the next unforeseeable future ... the purple Jane Austen quilt.

Because I was Utterly Stupid, I used a homemade diamond template to cut a LOT of purple diamonds to be used in the Jane Austen quilt.  I didn't realize at the time that my homemade template (this was the one I used for the Diamond Pillows) was NOWHERE near the size it should have been.  In fact, it is doggone tiny compared to what it should be.  Which means that I am going to need a GINORMOUS amount of purples.

I am sooooo lucky to have some wonderful quilting buddies over on's Quilting forum. In response to my plea to swap [something] for purples, they came through in spades.  Well ... not spades precisely, but with 13-5/8 inches of purples!

At this stage in the project, I am busily engaged in cutting diamonds.  Lots of diamonds.  Tons of diamonds.  Probably more than that because the finished quilt needs to cover the top of a queen sized bed plus 23" of drop on 3 sides.

Good thing I have lots of TV shows queued up to watch. :-)

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  1. LOVE the purples. They all look great together. Going to go back now and check out the other parts to this Jane Austen quilt.