Saturday, February 05, 2011

Twice as Nice?

EDIT, 2/9/11:  "Meandering Magic" has sold!  Although the rest of you lost out on this fantastic deal, you can find this book elsewhere.  You won't regret buying it.

I'm sure you know that if you practice something over and over, you become more proficient at it.  In quilting, repetition is good ... doing multiple copies of a design builds muscle memory and expertise.

When is a multiple not necessarily a good thing?  When you have TWO copies of the SAME book.  Oh yes, doofus me thought "Meandering Magic" by Suzanne Earley was soooooo good, that I bought two copies.  But not at the same time ... *that* would have been excusable.  Oh no .. *I* bought them at different times because the book is Just That Good.  ::sigh::

From the blurb:
What is Suzanne's technique?  It all starts with a meander -- and then you add all kinds of different "magic."  
Suzanne includes lots of illustrations AND the designs may be used by anyone who can machine quilt.  While the techniques was developed on a longarm, with just a few adjustments any machine quilter will be able to enjoy the rewards of "Meandering Magic".  Feathers are addressed, but it's not just about feathers as Suzanne shares ideas for using hearts, stars, ferns, leaves and more.
49 pages. Laminated color cover; the book is beautifully wire-spiral bound for ease in reading while you are working on your project.  It's clearly written and easy to understand.  Suzanne uses a text font that is larger than most books and very easy to see and follow.  Some color and LOTS of clean and professionally prepared illustrations.

So .. I'm selling my extra copy.  This is a *pristine* book .. like new.   You will never, ever look at a simple meander and be satisfied again.  So simple that even a caveman a beginner could do it and look fantastic in the process!  :-)    sold, sold, sold!  :-)

Interested?  email me with your snailmail and we can do business. :-)

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