Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Swiss Cheese Memory ™

I swear, if my head wasn't permanently connected to my body, I'd probably forget that too.  ::sigh::

I had meant to add this to my previous post but when I realized I had omitted it, I figured that I just might as well make a new mini-entry.  ::sigh::

It's certainly not earth-shattering news, but I did want to announce it ...  two more books have been entered in my Pirate's Little Shoppe of Goodies page.  You can also get to that page via the tab at the top of this page. 

The books are shown on that page under the "Added on 1/30/11" heading and are:

sold Weekend Log Cabin Quilts

Seminole Patchwork with Glenda Frost.  A Lothian Australian Craft Series.  Create Spectacular clothes and home decorations.  If nothing else, the photography in this book is phenomenal. Very inspirational!
Condition: used - like new.  Price: $8.00

Please see the Little Shoppe of Goodies page for transaction details, if you are interested.

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