Sunday, January 02, 2011

Quilting Endeavors of 2010

What exactly was accomplished, quiltwise, during 2010?  (Oh, and a small disclaimer, the software that I used to create these montage pictures apparently has cropped some of the longer pictures so that all of the pictures could fit into a nice little pigeon hole.  None of the quilts shown are really cut off, as depicted by the thumbnail!)

 Well, I finished and delivered 15 charity quilts. You can read about them on my Charity Quilts page.

I finished 5 more charity tops, but they still need to be quilted.

The bottom 2 are oriented as they are supposed to be .. the stripes really do go horizontal on one and vertical on another!

No pages to read about them because they haven't been finished yet.

On the personal quilting front, i.e. quilts that I kept for myself or given away as gifts, I completed 18.  They are all different sized, ranging from placemats to throw-sized to queen-sized.  I am very pleased to see that my longarm quilting really HAS gotten much better than from when I first started.  :-)  You only see 11 pictures here because the 2nd picture in the 3rd row is actually 8 quilts folded up (they are thick, quilted cage liners for my vet's office).

You can read about these quilts on my Quilting Page, just scroll on down, down, down to the 2010 section. 

Oh wait .. that's not exactly correct ... I haven't updated that index page to reflect all of the quilts shown here.  I have thumbnails of the quilts but not all the finished quilts have a page written for them yet!

For me, finishing the quilt is only PART of the process ... I still like to take pictures and document the process so that I can write a web page for each quilt.  Goodness .. that's a whole other project in and of itself!

And finally, there are the quilt tops that I finished piecing but haven't gotten around to quilting.  There are 7 of them. 

And in fact, although the picture is cropped,  the last one truly is a "work-in-progress" and the top border is still being appliqued and the matching bottom border hasn't even been started yet! 

That makes 33 completed quilts (charity & personals) and 12 completed tops waiting to be quilted.

And finally, I quilted 4 quilts for commission!  woo hoo! 

But wait .. you see only 3 quilts here!  What's with that?  Well, I did two of the ladybug quilts, each with different quilting motifs.  It was very interesting to see the difference that quilting makes.  One of the ladybug quilts had highly customized designs and the other ladybug quilt was an edge-to-edge.

You can't see any of the quilting in these small thumbnails but they are quilted!  :-)  And no, pages for these quilts haven't been done either.  I *told* you that making pages is a completely separate project!  :-)

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  1. What a successful year!! Love seeing all your works!