Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh! a give-away!

I like making bias to use for my double fold binding for my quilts.  A bias binding, especially double fold, is absolutely the most durable edge treatment you can put on a quilt.

I have a tutorial on how to easily make yards and yards of bias, all neatly diagonally seamed, in one continuous strip.  It's just amazing how convenient this technique is.  I sure didn't invent it but happily pass my tutorial along to the sewing community.  (and just FYI, that last seam?  where you join the two tails of your binding?  I have a SUPER easy tutorial to get it correct every doggone time!  That seam will be FLAT and indistinguishable from any other seam in the binding.  I grin to myself every time ... it's just that clever. :-)  )

However, this blog entry is not about my tutorials ... although they *are* awesome.  :-)

THIS entry is about the bias I've made.  Because it's just so danged easy to make bias (with my tutorial!), I always make my own bias, whether for binding or for piping or inserts or whatever.  Generally speaking, I end up making more bias than I need .. which is better than not having enough.  All of the leftover bias gets rolled up and put in to a cubby.  I have vague ideas of using it for Celtic knotwork, applique designs, crazy quilts, anything and everything. 

But have I actually gone back and USED any of it?  Rarely.  Those rolls of bias sure do look pretty, though. :-)

Well, one of my quilting associates mentioned that she is facing the arduous task of making bias to finish off her charity quilts.  I had a Light Bulb Moment ™!   If she wanted them, I could send her my 2-1/4" & 2" bias for her charity quilts!  She does, so I am.  I'm happy they are finally going to be used up.

However, I still have quite a collection of bias of other widths and this is where the subject of today's blog is ... a giveaway.    I sorted all my bias into whatever widths they were and this is the pile of 1-1/2" bias. 

I know realize that I am never, *never*, NEVER going to get around and use all this bias.  It's just not going to happen.  So .... I would like to give them away to someone who actually has a use for them.

This pile is mostly custom-made bias by me.  Some of it is still flat.  Some has already been folded and pressed in half lengthwise, so it's ready for being used as double-fold binding.  There's even some "vintage" store-bought bias, purchased before I knew how to make my own.

What can you use it for?  Well .. *really* narrow quilt binding for one.  Make bias tubes for Celtic knotwork or applique work.  Accents for quilt blocks.  Use your imagination.

If you would like a chance at winning this collection of 1-1/2" wide bias, leave a comment.  I'll pick a winner on Monday morning, January 24th.

Any takers? :-)


  1. Would love to try for it.. I'll let some others know about it too.
    I like some of the colors...

  2. I came here from Quiet quilter, and would love to win these too - Thank you!

  3. I would love your extra binding - I am sure that I will use it on many of my UFO's!!