Monday, November 01, 2010

It's Nov 1st ... do you know who won the giveaway?

I wrote out .. by hand, mind you .. everyone who commented (and thank you for doing so!).  Crumpled each name into a little ball and tossed the paper ball into Mr. Pirate's winter hat.

Holding the hat out to Mr. Pirate, I asked him to pick a name.

(drumroll please) .....  and the winner is ..... Sewing Geek!

Sewing Geek .. whereever you are ... would you please email me your snailmail and I will pop the selvages into the mail to you!    Remember ... the project isn't 'for real' until we see pictures!  :-)


  1. Oh wow! Thankyou so much. It will be so much fun to make up a project with your selvages.

  2. ah, Sewing Geek ... I can't access your profile information (you've made it private), so I don't know your email.

    *You* need to email *me* with your snailmail info. You can email me by clicking on the "view my complete profile" in the upper right corner of my blog. That will show my profile page and an "email" link.

    Once I get your snailmail, I will mail all the selvages to you. :-)

  3. Obrigado pela visita e uma palavra gentil.
    Há belos trabalhos para você edredões