Wednesday, September 01, 2010

How annoying!

I was soooo close! I was on the 10 yard line! What kept me from scoring a goal? I ran out of top thread. AAAARRRGGGHHHH!

I now have an order in to Superior for not only the King Tut I ran out of but another cone for a top that is next line. This next top has a particularly BRIGHT color that isn't in my standard palette and I have nothing that is suitable, hence an order must be placed.

I love Superior's thread. I love their King Tut for my top thread, but I've also used their LAVA and So Fine .. depending on the effect I wanted. So far, I have been *so* impressed by their Bottom Line thread, that is all I have been using in the bobbin. I was already predisposed towards Bottom Line since that is what I used in the bobbin for my Janome 300e .. my embroidery machine.

I haven't felt too adventuresome with other thread simply because I am so content with Superior.

For a long time I was using Aurifil for my piecing ... what a GREAT thread! But my local quilt store stopped stocking it, so I switched to Superior's Masterpiece. I believe I like Masterpiece equally as well as Aurifil.

I know there are a lot of specialty threads out there, but I haven't explored them. Why? Oh, just call me chicken cuz I don't want to mess with my tension! :-)

Silly reason I know .. but there it is ... silly me. :-)

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  1. Guess it's back to piecing, eh? At least for awhile....