Wednesday, September 22, 2010

more sneak pictures!

I've finished the client quilt and am showing more piece part pictures.

There are machine appliqued ladybugs ... these were outline stitched, then the ladybug bodies were stitched with a 2-loop meander  (the "Figure Eight Meander" from Darlene Epp's 'Pocket Guide to Freehanding - Meanderings" book.)

The background of the block was done in a meander that I call a "C" meander.  I have no idea where I first saw it; all I know is that *I* certainly didn't come up with it. :-) 

As I was stitching this, it occurred to me that they could also be cross-sections of mushrooms, an Ionic column top, lima beans or even .. wait for it .. Fallopian tubes and an uterus. :-)  

I think I will stick with the "C" meander. :-)

A close-up of the polka dot fabric shows that I did a swirly-curly design (from Carla Barrett's excellent blog).  The problem with this sashing is that if I got a distance shot to show the entire stitching, you can't SEE the stitching.  If I show a close-up (as this is), you don't get the whole effect.  ::shrug::

Such are my non-existent photography skills. :-)

The final border got a 4-curve swag and bead-board treatment, eventhough the busy floral print hides the stitching.

I bought a swag template from Constantine Quilts.   I *love* the look of swags and her template makes it *so* easy!   She also has videos on her website that shows how the templates are to be used.

I used Superior's Highlight thread for the Hooked on Feathers (green border, previously blogged about), Superior's King Tut for the other quilting.  Superior's Bottom Line was used in the bobbin.

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