Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Stash Busting Star #11; Ribbon Box top

Wow ... I have FINALLY completed my very LAST full Stash Busting Star!  It was 5 months ago in September 2016 that I started this project with the VERY ambitious plan of doing a star a week.

O.M.G.  A star a week.  How formidable a goal was that?  Reality certainly set me straight in short order.

But, I have now finished 11 full stars and 1 half star.  I must admit that even though I am certainly capable of dedicated working on a project for many months .. even years ... I am kinda tired of working on these full stars.

Luckily, I need only 8 half stars .. and one of those is already made.   Half stars should go twice as fast as the full stars, right?

Right.  :-)

And then ... this past weekend, Dear Husband and I stayed at Skyline Wilderness RV Park in Napa, CA.  It's nearby to us but we had never been there before.  It's a gorgeous low hill area that abounds with trails to walk on, paths to ride your horse (bring your own!) and even has an archery range (bring your own gear).

Due to an unfortunate car mechanical problem, we were unable to enjoy Saturday at our leisure but Sunday was just for relaxing.  The weather wasn't quite as nice on Sunday as it was the previous day but Dear Husband decided to go for a "walk" anyway.

I took one look at the gathering clouds and the chilly temperature outside and wished him safe travels ... *I* would stay inside the trailer and SEW!  :-)  

I had prepped for this particular project by cutting all the pieces at home, labeling and bagging them.  I was very pleased to have been able to use my flannel scraps/remnants to construct the top ... including the background.

The pattern, "Ribbon Box Quilt", a freebie available from, was easy enough to sew together .. provided that you paid attention to which piece was going where!  The overall layout was woven ribbons, so if you got a piece out of place, the entire effect would be ruined.

sewing station at the dinette
This was the first time that I actually sewed *inside* the trailer.  All of my previous sewing endeavors have been outside on a table.  But with the cold temperatures and sporadic wind, it was much better for me to be inside.

pressing station at sink counter top
I was able to sew all afternoon and made excellent progress.  When Dear Husband returned from his walk (uphill both ways, of course), we went out for dinner.  After that break, I continued with sewing and was able to finish the top that evening.

Back at home, I found an extra wide piece of flannel to serve as the backing (seamless!  score!) and I made the double fold bias binding so that when this top eventually gets quilted, it can be bound in short order.

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