Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Stash Busting Star: #7, #8, #9

I have been remiss in posting my Stash Busting Star finishes.  Let's blame it on Christmas, laziness and traveling.  That'll work for me. :-)

Here is Star #7, finished 12/26/2016.

Here is Star #8, finished 1/28/2017:

and Star #9, finished 2/2/2017

I have 2 more full stars to stitch, 4 quarter stars and 5 half-stars.

And, of course, decide on the background fabric.

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  1. Those are really pretty? I will look forward to seeing how you do them at retreat. They kinda remind me of the ones that Becky in Florida did on some years back and we all hand pieced them..........did you do those with us?