Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Stash Busting Star #10

Every February, the online quilting forum group I belong to has a real live quilting retreat in Phoenix.  This year was our 15th gathering.  Over the years, we have forged true friendships online and while some of the members live in Phoenix and see more of each other than the rest of us, it is something that we always look forward to ... quilting with each other in real life.

Because I fly in from California, I rarely bring a quilt for show-n-tell, preferring to bring in smaller items that will fit in my luggage.  Similarly, I don't bring in my sewing machine ... not even my Janome Jem Gold, which was designed for traveling and workshops.  The hostesses *very* graciously offer their extra machines to us out-of-towners to use, should we want to machine sew a project.

But even THAT is too much effort for me .... egads, I need to pack ALL of the piece parts, ALL of the fabric I want to use ... even the fabric that I'd like to have an option to use.  Plus all my tools of the trade for sewing.  Ugh ... it's just way too much effort for me to bring along a sewing machine project.

So .... what DO I bring to work on?  My Forever Project(s)!!!   Currently, I have a several Forever Projects and I brought all of them, because you just never know how fast they will get done.  :-)

One Forever Project is smooshing together medium sized hexie flower units, which will end up as the center medallion of a quilt.  Another Forever Project is a needleturn applique of a Tahitian pareau (sarong) that I bought for the express purpose of turning into a lap quilt.

But the Forever Project that I decided to concentrate on was Stash Busting Star #10.  I also brought a prepped Stash Busting Star #11, *just in case* I was very speedy.  :-)  So, all that long weekend, from Thursday night through Saturday, I steadily worked on Star #10 and BY GOLLY!!  I got it finished!  Woo hoo!  (After this star was done, I turned my attention to the Tahitian pareau.)

In looking at my collection, I think I have an overabundance of blue stars, not that is a bad thing but I think that some more red stars could be in order.

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  1. oh how lovely. I do have some of those FOREVER projects.. heh heh.. about time to wrap some up too for me I think. Looking forward to the progress