Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What is this quilting design called?

All righty then, Quilting Public ... I'm doing an all-over fill that *I* have called 'nested clamshells' but a Google search with that term results in a big goose egg.  I've gotten suggestions from other quilting friends of "Endless Tears" and "peacock feathers".

In this picture, I've drawn the overall fill and below that, the progression of how to create it.

If anyone Out There recognizes this quilting design, please chime in with what YOU call it ... or what you were told it was called.   I do appreciate y'all's help.  :-)


  1. Teardrops.

  2. I learned it as peacock meander and low and behold it does come up on goggle that way right off the bat! I first learned this in the 90's but do not remember where.

  3. - kinda near the bottom...Oyster Shells fill pattern...

  4. I've heard it called both. It's a great filler design.

  5. I FINALLY finished that filler last night. Holy moley! It looks good but was one of the most mind-numbing boring designs to execute! I was constantly playing Jedi Mind Tricks on myself to keep myself focused and working on it.

    To be sure, it's a *great* design and easy enough to stitch. My mind would simply go into a hypnotic state. :-)

    Glad it's done ... now onto filler #4!