Friday, December 09, 2016

machine embroidery UFO is now a top

I recently posted about a 21 year old UFO that I finally assembled into a top.  Well, this is another long term UFO, although not 21 years.  :-)   From one of the ladies who participated, the timeframe of 2005-2006 was suggested and I have no reason to disbelieve it.

During that time, I was an active member of's Quilting forum.  Wowsers, that was a hugely active forum!  When I first joined, I participated in lots of swaps .. until I realized that those swaps were simply generating a LOT of UFOs on my part.  But while I was active, one such swap was between those of us who had embroidery machines.

(the white "tags" in the picture are the IDs of who made that block, so I wouldn't forget)

We decided that we would swap both 4"x4" designs, as well as 5"x7" designs, for those of us who had 5"x7" hoops.   I admired all the blocks as they came in but didn't even think of a layout.  When I pulled the baggie with the blocks out to work on them, the first thing I needed to do was to *figure out a layout*.

I tend to dislike straight up "grid" layouts.  Certainly there are times when that is the best option, but I like to try to think  of something different.  So, for the 4x4 blocks, the design would be a diamond in a square.

I looked in many of my reference books for ideas on how to create an interesting layout with them and came across some cutting template rulers that I had purchased *long ago* but had never used.  This was an excellent opportunity to do so!  The templates are "Creative Curve Rulers" by Virginia A Walton.  I also purchased her companion book.  Essentially, these templates make cutting and sewing Drunkard's Path blocks very easy.  And that is what I used ... a pair of Drunkard Path blocks, side by side, to frame the diamond in a square embroidery block.  Half square triangles filled out the corners.

To make the top into a useable size, I put on two borders ... the first inner border contained an extended half square triangle, so it made a diamond.  The final, outer border had machine appliqued swags.  I used a buttonhole/blanket stitch to sew the applique to the border.

I'm very, very pleased with the outcome, especially since I was able to make the entire top with fabric that I already had in my stash.

I'm now on a Quest to contact the ladies who made these blocks, not only to thank them for their lovely work, but to show them that the blocks really HAVE BEEN made into a top!

The ladies who created these blocks are:
Sharon Amador (forum name: QLTDRSE) (unable to locate)
Louann Carney of Matthews, NC (sent Facebook message)
Katie Mayer (forum name: KatieM781) - (sent message through forum)
Jeri Mihm of Borger, TX  contact made!  woo hoo!
Irene Puzinas - contact made!  woo hoo!
Anna Topolski - contact made!  woo hoo!

I'm now working on a layout for the 5x7 blocks. :-)

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