Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Stash Busting Star #6 .. and another UFO top finished

I'm continuing working on my current Forever Project™ .... Esther Aliu's "Stash Busting Stars".  I've finished star #6.

Only 3 more full-sized stars to go!  (and then 4 quarter stars and 8 half-stars).

And I finished another UFO top ... a Friendship Braid made with half-hexies, rather than noodle strips.  I've
done both ways and for me, I find that when I use half-hexies to form the braid, I get much straighter edges.  When I used noodles, I tended to wander off the straight and narrow. :-)

The half-hexies were leftover from some long-ago project .. one that I can't even remember at the moment.  I'm glad that I tucked the instructions for the half-hexie Friendship Braid along with the fabric because I probably wouldn't have remembered what I had planned to do with them!

Having said that, I got bored with the braid and decided that I was done with it ... it ended up slightly smaller than a twin size.  But I still had more half hexies to use up.  Initially, I had put the halves together to form a whole hexie and simply smooshed them all together but I wasn't feeling the love in that particular layout.

Part of the problem is that I had originally cut the half hexies with the intent of making the Friendship Braid ... and you don't need pairs of half hexies for that; they are used as singletons.  So, when I decided to pair them up to create whole hexies, I found myself in a pickle .... I really only had a few whole hexies to work with and furthermore, of a very limited palette.   But, I soldiered on .. and found a staggered layout that I really liked at a local quilt show.

Once I got home from the quilt show, I disassembled the smooshed together hexie layout and began to work on the staggered layout.  No pictures right now because it's most definitely a work in progress.

Also in-progress is my pinwheel quilt.  I had some 5" pinwheels leftover from yet another quilt and wanted to use them up.  Naturally, this entailed me making MORE 5" pinwheels from 2.5" half square triangles.  Oh Lordy .... it seemed like thousands of half square triangles!  But, I've finally finished with all 264 pinwheels .. they've all been sewn together but I ran out of white-on-white fabric, which is used in the outer borders.  Drats!

So, there's no picture of that one either .. for now.  Maybe for my next post. :-)

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