Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Stash Busting Star #5; another UFO stitched

My current EPP handwork project is Esther Aliu's "Stash Busting Stars".  It produces a VERY large ... 21" diameter star .. that is set into a slightly larger background square.

All I'm doing right now is making the stars.

I'm deferring the decision for the background until I have all the stars made and I can see what sort of fabric would be suitable.

When I was cleaning out and reorganizing my sewing room, I rediscovered a juvenile jungle panel.  During some foray around the internet at some point, I found a freebie pattern  for a panel print that had a very interesting border.  I printed off the picture and saved it for some appropriate project.

Well, when I rediscovered the jungle panel, I knew that the freebie pattern border was precisely what I was going to put around it.

And voila!  Another UFO bites the dust!

except ... I *know* have a little bit left of the polka dot outer border print.  It's enough to make bias binding.  Do you think that I can FIND that leftover piece???  I only finished it THIS MORNING, fer cryin' out loud!!  Where on EARTH could I have PUT it???   To say I am annoyed is a vast understatement.  Harumph.

It'll turn up ... eventually.

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  1. Those stars are beautiful! Very cute crib quilt, it will be well loved. I'm glad to hear other people misplace fabrics too within seconds of using it! It will turn up but not necessarily when you need it. Blessings, Gretchen