Saturday, April 23, 2016

10-Minute Tile UFO top finished

the first version
One package in one of my UFO bins was some blue gradient fabric and some gold gradient fabric, accompanied by "Ten-Minute Tile" quilt by H.D. Designs.   I had made this quilt previously in September 2014 and liked it so much, I bought other gradient fabric to make another for me. 

While I bought the pattern from the designer, at a quilt show, a number of retail places offer it.  Just do a Google search for "Ten-Minute Tile pattern" and you'll come up with a number of hits to choose from.


Well, since that time, the additional fabric has been sitting ... ageing, so to speak ... until now.  Now it was time to get it stitched up.  :-)

The title of the pattern doesn't lie; it really does only take 10 minutes to sew one block together.  But you need a lot of blocks to make the quilt. :-)

For the gradient fabric of this version, I used Timeless Treasures' Blue Bird Metallic Ombre and Northcott's Artisan Spirits Falling Leaves.  They both start as dark at the selvages and blend to light in the center.

This kind of gradient is required for this specific arrangement.  If you use other gradient/ombre fabrics, you'll get a slightly different look.

second version
This top is approximately queen-sized and that's the reason why the picture isn't too terrific.   I don't have the proper space or room in the house to adequately photograph a quilt larger than a twin size ... I can't back far enough away to get the whole quilt in nor can I hang the top up far enough to prevent it from pooling on the floor!  I'm sure you'll get the general idea anyway.

For this version, I decided to machine embroider some designs on the center and half diamonds, just for variety.  I used BFC-Creations' "11th Anniversary Set" for the center diamonds and a design from SewForum (no longer available) for the half-diamonds.   All the embroideries stitched out just beautifully and I'm very pleased with them.

Here are 4 of the 11 different designs I used.  

For these embroideries, I used Glide thread (the same that I use for longarm quilting) and the stitch-outs were beautiful.  I'm very pleased with them.

This finished top goes onto pile of Tops to be Quilted, which is an entirely different project. :-)   For now, I'm very, very happy to have completed a UFO crossed off my list and made room in that UFO bin.

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