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Creative Needle magazine set: 1987, 6 issues

If you are into Heirloom sewing, smocking, embroidery and all those incredibly beautiful garments and sewn items, then you know about Creative Needle magazine.  Each issue is a gem all by itself.   There are garment patterns/instructions, smocking plates, embroidery stitches, vintage needlework discussions in every issue.  When I was subscribed to it, I eagerly looked forward to each issue.

As with many hobbies and interests, times change.  Although I still have a very strong emotional attachment to these magazines and their contents, I realize that I am simply not going to be making more of them.  I *could*, mind you, but I know I'm not going to.

Sooooo .. it's time to bid them farewell and hope they find another good home.  Starting with this post and followed by several more, I will be listing my Creative Needle collections for sale. 

Sadly, Creative Needle is no longer published.  The only issues available have all been published and you need to find them where you can.
All center inserts/patterns are intact and uncut.

I would prefer payment via Paypal but will accept personal checks.  If paying by personal check, I will mail the magazines, after the check clears. 

Since these *are* magazines, I will ship them within the US via media mail, which is the least expensive option I can find.  Unless you are local, of course, then you can simply pick them up. :-)   If you are outside the US, we'll need to discuss how you want the magazines mailed to you.  My zip code is 94597, if you want to estimate the postage beforehand.

All sales are final ... I can't take them back because I absolutely need to reclaim the bookshelf space!

If you'd like photos of anything inside an issue, please let me know and I'll send it to you.

Creative Needle magazine set: 1987, 6 issues.  Condition: excellent.  $42 plus postage

* Scotland's Ayrshire Authority.  an interview with Bunty Bryson
* Luxury by the Yard.  designing with embroidered insertions
* Buttonhole, eyelet and herringbone stitches.  Counted thread embroidery series - lesson VI
* Shadow work hems.  Part VI of Fancy Hems & Edges
* Color by the Bay.  Spring looks in San Francisco
* Quilted Legacy.  Handstitched by Zelma Potter
* Creative Smocking.  Fresh ideas on color, fabric and floss
* The Hankie Purse.  Perfect for little girls.
* Beautiful Bishops. Final series on Bishop variations
* Smocking Plate and Parasol.  "Lila" design by Karen Dinkler

* A Romantic's Point of View.  interview with Margaret Pierce
* From the Hands of Babes.  teaching embroidery to children
* Anatomy of an Ayrshire Dress.   the style and stitches
* A tisket, a tasket.  Brazilian embroidery flowers
* Antique lace dress.  pattern and instructions
* A bouquet of designs.  Florals to stitch
* Close up.  Margaret Mathews
* Smock Plate.  "Herringbone Basket" by Hope Carr and Cindy Foose

* The Classic Lay of Children's Clothes.  interview with Kitty Benton
* Spanish blackwork pillow.  complete instructions and stitch diagrams
* Designing made easy.  cultivating exposure, adaptation and technique
* Embroidered yoke.  pattern and embroidery design
* The fun of dressing brothers.  matching outfits
* A day to remember.  a collection of Christening gowns
* Madeira and Shadow applique.  how-to by Mary Ann Osborne
* Needle study.  perfect featherstitching by Trudy Horne.
* Honeycomb Smocking. a different look in smocking by Dale Burke
* Smock plate.  "Mermaids for Jenny" by Sheila Childers.

* Linking Contemporary Expression with Family Tradition.  interview with Vima Micheli
* Voided Embroideries.  Counted thread & surface embroidery techniques
* Zoo view.  Yoke dress fashions.
* How to make a basic yoke dress - part I.  Chery Williams instructs
* Dreamy daygowns.  a showcase of ideas plus pullout pattern
* Embroidered Purses.  a variety of styles plus cutwork bag instructions
* Puffing: hand and machine.  by Sarah and Melissa Stone
* Pulled and Drawn thread on congress cloth - part I.  pillows by Susan Porter
* Close-up.  Laura Towery
* Smock plate. "Moonlight Lullaby" by Karen Dinkler

* Sharing traditional Japanese embroidery.  interview with Shuji Tamura
* Battenberg for the holidays.  pattern and instructions for table linens
* Threads for canvas - cotton and rayon.  needle study by Cathy Holman
* Attaching lace and making tucks.  by Sarah Howard Stone and Melissa Stone
* Window Smocking.  unique new presentation of smocking by Janet Hyde
* the Harbor Blouse.  Ladies blouse pattern in sizes 6-14
* An old-fashioned Fall.  fashions for children and adults
* Needlecases  instructions in Hardanger and shadow applique
* How to make a basic yoke dress - part II.   Chery Williams instructs
* Pulled and Drawn thread on congress cloth - part II.  pillows by Susan Porter
* Smock Plate.  "Christy" by Patsy Wright.  (a border pattern)

* in the Southern Tradition.  interview with Betty Rast
* Completing the yoke block.  by Sarah Howard Stone and Melissa Stone
* Smocking with silk ribbon.  includes "Christmas Rose" graph
* Baby Bunting.  pattern insert
* Holiday Stockings.  insert with patterns and instructions.
* Christmas crackers.  a tradition to stitch
* Blanket of Buttonhole stitch?  by Marion Scoular
* Embroideries of Mamluk Egypt.  counted thread
* How to make a basic yoke dress - part III.   Chery Williams instructs
* Smock Plate.  "Friendly Santa" by Hope Carr


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