Monday, May 11, 2015

SF Giants zippered pouch bags

In addition to the SF Giants fabric to make a tote bag, I had enough leftover to make 3 zippered pouches.

I made a windowed pouch as a companion to the tote bag.  The tutorial for this bag is a PDF, available from Moda Fabrics and is called the "All You Need Bag".

It's a very clever technique that incorporates two interior dividers so that you have 3 sections inside.  The front features a clear vinyl window so that you an immediately see what you have inside that section.

The dimensions, per the PDF, will yield approximately a 3"x5" little pouch ... obstensively just big enough to fit your ID/license, keys and some money ... so that if you need to make a quick trip to the corner store, all you'd need to do is grab this little pouch instead of your big, ol' purse.

I chose to make my windowed zipper pouch bigger, to better accommodate the fabric pieces that I had.

The other two zippered pouches are the same ... so that my sister-in-law and her sister wouldn't be giving me any grief about how I made the OTHER sister the "better" zipper pouch!   You know how sisters are. :-)

The front of the pouch is the black logo fabric and the reverse is black and white striped "umpire" fabric.  Both pouches have a bright orange zipper pull.  They are a single compartment pouch.

You can find tutorials for standard zippered pouches all over the internet, so I'll let you use your favorite. 

from Michelle Designs
However, what REALLY bugs me about most zippered pouches are how the *ends* are so bunched up and UGLY.   The term I've seen for this is "dented" .. and that's exactly what it is.    The picture to the right is from the most excellent tutorial from Michelle Designs.

Because my zippers were slightly smaller than the length of the pouch, I added a small piece of fabric to the end of the zipper to lengthen it.

Here you can see both ends ... VERY neatly finished.  They look so pretty!  

In fact, the technique used in the Michelle Designs tutorial is similar to that demonstrated by another most excellent zipper pouch tutorial, the Open Wide Zippered Pouch by Anna of Noodlehead.

So, if you don't have a zippered pouch tutorial/pattern that you already like, go take a look at the Open Wide Zippered Pouch.  Anna will guide you through 3 different sizes, all beautifully made and finished.

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