Monday, May 25, 2015

Manicure pouch

I have a confession to make: I have a twice-monthly indulgence .. a manicure.  I love how pretty my nails look after my manicurist performs her magic on them. 

At my latest visit, she said that she was offering to all of her regular clients, a "kit" of manicure supplies that would be used exclusively for them.  It consists of  items that she normally uses: a nail file, a nail file block/buffer and a cuticle stick/orange stick ... but we would need to bring them back every time.

I'm not entirely certain what prompted this but if it makes her job easier or satisfies some new regulation, I'm happy to oblige.

(Oh. Hmm.  The top of the pouch looks crooked in the picture, but I assure you it really is square.  The pouch must have been slouching over!  The lazy bum!)

BUT .. I know that I would be having a problem remembering to bring the items to every appointment without some sort of memory jogger.  It occurred to me that if I made a little pouch for them .. with a window on one side so I could see the contents .. a zipper for easy access ... and put this pouch with my supply of nail polishes would not only remind me to bring them but would be a classy way to transport them back and forth.  PLUS, I could put my new nail color bottle in the pouch!

(I always bring my own nail polish because, even though my manicurist has a lovely supply of polishes, if I need to touch up my nails, I would need to have the exact color to match the other nails.  Bringing my own nail polish solves that problem.)

So, I made a windowed zipper pouch.  Very easy.   It's simply a flat tube that I boxed on one end to accommodate the nail file block/buffer and put a hanging loop on the other end.  All of the supplies fit nicely inside; I can see the contents and it's still big enough to hold a bottle of nail polish.

I'm really quite smugly pleased with myself. :-)

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