Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Progress on the hexagon front

Back on July 2013, I happened across an Australian blogger who was doing a hand-pieced hexagon quilt.  I just loved it.  Inspired, I started my own version.  Where she is using white as her background, I had oodles of mottled, soft green fabric already on-hand and that's what I am using for my background.

I made a mock-up in EQ.  I counted the number of hexagon flowers I'd need and started prepping them.  I needed 60.

For the first 35 flower units, I also sewed the background units to them.  They are now ready to be plopped into place.

Then, I got lazy and only wanted to do the fun flower units.  Doing the green background units was boring because it's all the same color.

As I decreased the number of prepped flower units, I was allowing myself to become excited because the end was approaching!  Sure, I still needed to make the background units for these flowers, but I could now anticipate arranging all of the flowers in some sort of pleasing arrangement!

When the very last flower unit was finished, I counted them.  55 ... 56 ... 57.   Wait.  What do you MEAN *57*?!?!?   I need 60.  SIXTY.

Oy vey.  My gratification is now delayed whilst I prep and sew 3 more flower units.  How very aggravating.

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