Saturday, January 25, 2014

Destashing: fabric & collections for sale.

I can tolerate a lot of clutter but at some point, the sheer amount of STUFF in my sewing room is overwhelming.  That point has arrived for me.  I have girded my loins and gone through various cubbies and pulled some yardage and collections (that I have put together) that I know, deep down in my heart of hearts, that I will never, ever, ever get around to using.

Below I am listing what I have for sale.  Mostly, these are "collections" .. i.e. fabric selections that I have put together for a project .. sometimes I actually had a real pattern in mind but mostly I was just gathering fabric of a theme without anything specific in mind.

All fabric is 100% cotton.  Most is still uncut.  Those pieces that have been cut into are clearly described as such.   If you'd like to see a better resolution picture, just email me.

I accept cash or PayPal.

I am listing the weight of each of the collections.  If you want more than one collection, I will happily combine them into one package to save on postage.  Postage is in addition to the price listed.  I will find the most economical way to mail you your purchases.

Many of these fabrics are now considered "vintage".   And by "vintage", I'm talking circa 2000 or so.  Boy, does that make me feel old.  Many pieces are out of print and very difficult to find.

This is a non-smoking house.  We do have 2 cats but all of these pieces of fabric have been folded, packaged and stored in my covered bookshelves, so the cats haven't been rolling around on them.  All the fabric is dust-free ... or as dust-free as I can make them.  Most of the fabric is right off the bolt and is not washed .. but the pieces that have been cut into *might* have been washed for that "other" project.  I'd treat all the fabric as not washed, just to be on the safe side.

I mail from zipcode 94597.

So, without further ado ... here we go ...

1. The Dale Earnhardt set  SOLD

2. Gone With The Wind  SOLD

3. "Internet" fabric

2-1/3 yards.  "internet" themed.  From Cranston Quiltworks.  uncut.

Black background with blue and white  pinpoint"stars".   Images of 3-1/2 disks, CDs, laptops, lightbulbs, keyboard keys, monitors and various "computer words".

price: $16.00  plus shipping.
weight of fabric: 1 lb.

4. Red Hat Ladies set

pattern: "A Red Hat for All My Friends" by Custom Creations.  Complete, uncut and unused.  Finished size of wall-hanging is approximately 32-1/2" x 44-1/2".

please note that this is NOT a "kit" for the wall-hanging.  The fabric below is what I had purchased to be used with the pattern but is NOT all that the pattern calls for.  I had intended on getting the rest of the fabric at a later date.

The pattern calls for 1 yard of background fabric; 1/2 yard of narrow border & sashing fabric; 1/4 yard of accent border fabric; 1-1/4 yard of wide border & binding fabric; 1-1/4 yards for batting & backing fabric.

I am offering these fabrics only:

Fat Quarter of hats, gloves, shoes, pearl necklaces and words from Block Party Studios.

From their website: "Our quilting
fabric panels are hand printed fat quarters."   This particular "red hat" print is no longer being produced.

fabric: 1-1/2 yards of mottled purple background with red hats, red purses and purple purses.  From Timeless Treasures.  Out of print.  Uncut.  (This is more than the pattern calls for.  I think I had intended on making the wall-hanging bigger.)

total price: $25.00  plus shipping.
weight: 12 oz.

5. Train set    SOLD

6. vintage Veggie Tale set
This set consists of 4 panels of the Veggie Tale gang plus 8 coordinating fabrics.  I had originally planned to make a quilt using the 4 panels as the focal points and fill the the space around them with the coordinating fabrics.  However, my girls have grown up and my window of opportunity for a Veggie Tales quilt for them has long since closed.

I had even printed off a free layout from Andover Fabrics (that wasn't intended to be used with the Veggie Tale fabrics, but I liked the layout.)  The Andover  pattern has more focus squares (6, rather than 4) but I really liked how the pattern used Flying Geese, 4-patches and half square triangles to fill in the spaces between the focus squares instead of the usual sashing.  I'll include this pattern with the fabric, so that if you like the layout too, you can use it.  However, you must realize that you will need to figure out
the sizes of the filler blocks yourself.

Without knowing exactly how much of each fabric I might need, I just bought a "goodly" amount.  :-)  I have every expectation that you'll be able to make a good sized quilt yourself.

All the fabric is uncut.

The panels:
(4) panels.  Each is about 15-12" x 15-1/2".  The fabric around the panels is the same as the yardage I've listed below as "blue background with Bob the tomato".  The entire piece of yardage is about 7/8 yard.  You can cut the panels apart or not.

The coordinating fabrics are from Big Idea Productions, circa 2000, manufactured by Springs Industries.
* yellow/orange check with Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber.  4-1/4 yards.
* blue background with many Veggie Tale characters.  3/4 yard
* blue background with Bob the tomato.  1-1/2 yards

 "Solids": these aren't "Veggie Tale" fabrics but were chosen because they matched the vibrant colors so well.
* red.  1-1/3 yards
* orange 1-1/3 yards
* yellow.  1-1/3 yards
* dark green.  2-1/3 yards
* light green.  1-3/4 yards

price: $110.00  plus shipping.
total yardage: about 14-1/2 yards.  This figure does NOT include the panel prints.
weight of fabric: 5 lbs, 4 oz

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  1. Good for you Shelley! I will be doing the same thing in coming weeks. Although I did a lot destashing in 2013, there seems to still be a lot. I am more focused now on having Blenders in my stash, and backings. I did buy 9 yds. of fabric at Beverly's last week on the 50% table for backing for my Easy Street quilt. Otherwise I don't buy fabric unless I absolutely need it. Underline absolutely. What surprises me is that I don't miss what I got rid of last year! Our grandson's girlfriend who his a seamstress, but very interested in quilting is going to help with the sewing room remodel, and I plan to give her a lot of fabric in the process. Good luck with your sales. You have some really cute prints there, especially the Train fabrics.