Saturday, December 28, 2013

that hexie project

I finally located my camera.  It was hiding in plain sight.  :-)

My sewing studio is narrow but long.  The "design wall" is a sheet (currently black) hung in front of the shelves that hold my containerized stash.  The distance between the "design wall" and the other side of the room is about 12 feet, of which 3 feet is taken up by the width of the shelving units and my sewing cabinet (which is directly across the room from the shelving units).

So, what does that mean?

It means when the project that is pinned to the "design wall" gets large enough, I can't back up FAR enough to get the entire thing in the picture.  And so it is with this picture .... I was literally bending over my sewing cabinet backwards to get the camera lens far enough away to encompass the whole project.  The pain I go through for creativity!  :-)   Even then ... I couldn't get ALL of the finished hexies in the frame.

I've just pinned each hexie unit (flower plus green path) to the sheet, in no particular order.  Once I get all the hexie units stitched, THEN I'll be concerned about placement.

Since this is a Forever Project (™), I have all my supplies in a Grab-n-Go box.  Here it is, opened up.  I have all my prepared hexies, both the flowers and the green path ones; scissors; thread; needles; pins; extra paper templates; magnifying/reading glasses. 

All of the prepared hexies have been grouped into flower units and clipped or pinned together.  Ditto with the green path hexies. 

I know I don't have enough prepared green hexies for all the flowers, so at some point, I'll be needing to cut more green fabric and prep those hexies.

I also have a small cutting board, rotary cutter & acrylic hexie template for when I was also cutting out the fabric hexies. When I need more of the green hexies, I'll cut some green strips at home, put the strips in the box and when I need to prep them, then I'll cut the fabric with the cutting supplies in the box.  I'd hate to be lacking some supplies, when away from home!

With everything I need in one convenient totable box that I can grab on a moment's notice, I'm always ready to have something to do on car trips.

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