Thursday, December 19, 2013

Machine Embroidery: nativity scene

My embroidery machine is a Janome 300e.  I bought it in 2004.  It's been wonderful.  It absolutely has opened my eyes to all the possibilities available in the machine embroidery world.

Recently, via a subscribed email, I learned that Gorgeous Stitches was featuring a nativity design.  It is a free-standing lace design that can be used as a Christmas tree ornament. 

It's kind of a scribbly design but I liked the open lacey look of it, so I bought it.

When I make free-standing lace designs, I usually hoop a piece of bridal tulle so the threads have something to 'grab' onto.  There have been many instances where I only hooped a water soluble stabilizer and the needle chewed right through it.  :-(     Having the bridal tulle on top of the water soluble stabilizer really helps the free-standing lace stitch out nicely.  At least in my case, it has.  ;-)

So, I looked at the thread color guide that came with the design and ... what's that *green*??  Their *HAIR*???   I don't think so.   And I thought the pink as the interior of the stable didn't look quite right.   I also wasn't quite sure what that light yellow "thing" was below Joseph's right arm.  Or at least I think that's his right arm.  Maybe my glasses need cleaning.

I recolored the design so there was brown for the hair and a light gray for the stable interior. 

I pulled the threads and began to embroider. From past experience, I know that faster speeds for my machine doesn't necessarily mean a nicely stitched design. Because I'm not in a hurry, I usually stitch the designs at a slower speed.  It gives better results for my machine.

But ... alas ... my finished product was not nearly as pleasing in person as it looked on Gorgeous Stitches' website or even in the picture rendering of Embird.   This picture is right off the hoop ... I haven't trimmed the tulle nor the water soluble stabilizer away.

Maybe it was the threads that I used (Superior metallic, Coats & Clark trilobal polyester, Madeira rayon, Robison Anton and Floriani).  Maybe it was a tension issue. 

I dunno ... but the end result is less than splendiferous and I am disappointed.  :-(

And that's a real shame because I've stitched out other Gorgeous Stitches designs before with lovely results.  Ah well ... this design and my machine simply aren't destined to share the Christmas spirit with each other.

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  1. I've been doing some free standing lace designs too Shelley. My first attempts as I've not been interested in free standing lace until just recently. I wanted to make some snowflakes and bookmarks. It has been fun, but I did find Isacord polyester threads gave me the best results as compared to rayon Maderia thread. I had some tension issues with Maderia rayon on some of the book marks. I went to the website you mentioned that sells the Nativity free standing lace design you stitch out. I must say the digitizers design does not look that good either. Not the one photographed on the black background, but the last one pictured below. Something just does not seem right with it. Have you contacted the digitizer? Perhaps they have some tips to offer.