Monday, December 03, 2012

Looking for .... a quilt pattern.

*Somewhere* in my blog reader is a blog where, once upon a time, the quilter posted a  picture of an urban, modern, pieced (not appliqued) quilt.   It might have even been labeled as a "masculine" quilt.  It's definitely NOT traditional.  The background was a medium/dark gray and the stripes were white and orange.  Maybe a red one too.

I thought FOR SURE I had tagged the blog entry as a keeper.  I can't find it.

I thought FOR SURE I had kept a copy of the picture.  I can't find it.

I thought FOR SURE that if I just browsed through my blog subscriptions, I'd certainly find the blogger because the style is so unique.  I can't find it.

I thought FOR SURE that it would show up Pinterest.  I can't find it.

I thought FOR SURE that a Google/image search would find it.  Nope.

I am obviously NOT looking with the correct search terms.  ::sounds of aggravation::

But ... I *KNOW* the internet knows.  The best I can describe it is a bunch of wide, broad stripes that take a right angle but the right angle is not squared off .. it's *ROUNDED*.  Think of a schematic of pipes.  My (badly) drawn image at left is a *representative* of the general look-and-feel of the quilt I am looking for.

The quilter has written a book on these types of quilts.  Do you think I can remember the name of the book?  Of course not.  I'm fairly certain that it was done this year (2012) but the way my poor one brain cell is (not) working these days, I'd hate to say that was a firm date.

Sooooooo .... does anyone Out There recognize this general quilt design?    I'd deeply appreciate your suggestions, responses, guesses as a comment ... so everyone else can see what has already been suggested.

Thanks for your help.


  1. Was it Jaybird Quilts, Three in a Box?

    I'll keep looking.

  2. Sounds like Tokyo Subway Map by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh Fransson. She's the author of Modern Patchwork, so that fits the book criteria.

  3. Quilting Chris .. thanks for looking but nope, no joy on "Three in a Box". It's a nice looking quilt but not the one I have in my mind's eye.

    She did have some other very nice looking patterns!

  4. EAB: boy, "Tokyo Subway Map" does look like a bunch of pipes, which is exactly how I described it, so kudos to you!

    But ... sadly, it's not what I'm remembering. :-(

    I do thank you for looking for me.

  5. Oh I *found* it!! It was kinda/sorta what I drew but mostly not, I suppose. :-) How's that for being exactly?

    The quilt that I was thinking of came from a quilt along sponsored by Pile o' Fabrics blog ( It started this past July and finished this past November. Leave it to me to be totally oblivious. :-)

    The pattern itself is from Carolina Patchworks ( so I can do the quilt for myself. I'm glad that I'm not totally out in the cold! :-)

    Thanks to all who were looking on my behalf. :-)