Tuesday, October 16, 2012

GWTW - détente

I think that Gone with the Wind and I have reached an understanding.  It's a bit tenuous but workable.

I've been able to find a reasonable pathway for the diagonal bits that will decrease the number of stops & starts (hence, tails to be buried).

Unfortunately, the LARGE blocks that have the appliques in the middle are too large for Lizzie's workspace.  I can't stitch in the ditch the entire thing; I need to do half the SITD; tie off.  Do that for each of the blocks across the width.  Advance the quilt in order to do the other half of the  SITD.  Tie and bury all the tails.

BUT ... once all that SITD has been done, the quilt  will have been stabilized from top to bottom.  I will then have only one layer to contend with ... yahoo!!!!   It's much easier to advance, roll & re-roll the quilt if you're only dealing with one stabilized layer.

I'm hoping to get to the one layer stage sometime tomorrow.

Here's a gratuitous picture of when I first loaded the quilt onto Lizzie.

This is the top border.  The coral triangle have a loopy design in them that looks like a Christmas tree.  A Christmas tree has absolutely nothing to do with the theme of the quilt, but it sure fits the space!  :-)

The narrow sashing has a traditional Egg & Dart design.  It has other names but I can't remember them right now.

The light fabric between the coral triangles is now quilted with a meandering feather.

OH!!  Once I have the quilt at the single layer stage, I need to remember to roll it back to this position to see if I thought to do an outline stitch around the edge of the feathers.  I bet I didn't. 

I was told by a fellow quilter recently that "all the best dressed feathers have outline stitches these days"!   Well, we certainly wouldn't want under-dressed feathers, would we?  :-)

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