Monday, October 15, 2012

GWTW - continuing the whine

Have I mentioned that quilting GWTW  is a PITA?

I'm continuing to do the expanded figure-8 in the odd angled coral colored areas.  The *point* is to treat the area as ONE section, regardless of the seam lines.

However, I am *so used* to thinking inside the box (literally!) that there have been several times when I have stopped at a seamline instead of stitching over it.


That means more quality time with Jack the Ripper so that I can resume the stitching and THIS TIME, go into the next section.


Did I also mention, although you might have been subliminally aware of it from the previous blog's pictures, that these areas are on a *DIAGONAL*?  On a longarm, any longarm, even the big 26" longarms, you simply can *not* stitch a diagonal from one side of a quilt to the other in one pass.  You need stop, release the side tensions, release the locks on the rails and advance the quilt so the next section can be quilted, re-set the locks on the rails, re-set the side tensions and then resume quilting.

Diagonal quilting on a longarm is really, really, really obnoxious.  

My goodness, who pieced this monster???  And who decided against and edge-to-edge design?

Oh yeah.  That would be me.  ::sigh::

Really .. honestly ... I'll be so happy when I'm done with the center section of this quilt.  By contrast,t he sashings and outer borders are child's play.

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