Wednesday, July 15, 2015

All Mooshed Together

... is what I did with these same-center hexagons.

and I haven't a CLUE what to do now.  :: sigh ::  But I sure do like the result!

I saw someone else's picture of a quilt, where all the hexagons had the same center.  It provided a continuity to the layout and I really liked it.  So,I began making my own, without a clear idea of the goal. 

Around the time that I was busily and happily making all the hexagons with my own paper templates (left over from another, different hexie project), I was able to purchase the Fiskars hexagonal paper punches with some discount coupons .. always a great deal!

I was *so* excited because with the paper punches, I would be able to make LOTS of paper templates accurately and easily, instead of the tedious way I was currently doing it.

Then .. disaster.   I discovered that the multi-size hexagonal acrylic template that I had been using to cut my own paper templates actually was *non-standard* it its measurements.  The entire hexie world measures a hexagon along the outer edge .. so that a 1" hexie has (6) 1" sides.  *This* acrylic template measured the hexies from top to bottom. Oy Vey.

The size I was using with the acrylic template measured 1-1/2" TOP TO BOTTOM, yielding a 7/8" side.  Who in their right mind makes a 7/8" hexie????

Well, in reality, if you are making your own templates and you are the ONLY person using them and they are being used for a specific project, then it really doesn't matter what actual size they are because you are being entirely consistent for the whole project.

The problem was that once I got my Fiskars paper punch to make my paper template, those hexies DID use the standard measurement along the sides!  The large Fiskars hexie punch produces a true 1" hexie.  Which does NOT match up, in any way, with my homemade templates.  My entire batch of homemade templates is now essentially worthless, as they don't work with any of the Fiskar hexagon punches.

Sooo .. what all this was leading up to with my same-center hexies, was to make only a small number of same-center hexies and finish it up in whatever manner I could device.  Which is where I am right now.

This picture shows my mooshed together hexies into a piece that is roughly 19"x25".  Not exactly a size that is convenient for anything.  I'm tentatively thinking of appliquing it to a larger piece of fabric, put a border around it and make a baby quilt out of it. 

Maybe.  I dunno.  This project is not on my A-List of Things To Do, so it can jolly well just sit and cool its heels for a while.  Probably a good long while.  :-)


  1. Have you thought of making a table could add a few more to the sides to make it a bit wider. They look really nice.

  2. Oh a like the idea of a tablerunner...don't stop yet Shelley! They look great! (I love hexi's too and need to get me that hexi punch!)