Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Silicon release sheet substitute

I'm working on a quilt that uses fusible webbing to stick the small, persnickety pieces to the background fabric.  For some of the fusible pieces, I've cut them slightly oversized (on the outer edge) so that I will be assured that even the fabric on the edges will be fused down  (the overhang will eventually be trimmed off).    BUT .. that means some of the fusible webbing will overhang the background fabric and be resting on the ironing board.
I have a silicon release sheet that I normally slip under the fabric being fused to, so that any errant fusible webbing won't stick to the ironing board.  Well, I can't find my silicon sheet. I'm sure someone snuck in here one night and stole it. Or ... I am storing it in a "Safe Place". But I'm sure some nefarious person stole it.
I'm really feeling annoyed and quite put out.  I need that release sheet.  Right now.  I'm thwarted and am heading towards a minor temper tantrum.  When .. a solution popped into my head!  As a potentially Rube Goldberg work-around, I used a piece of cooking parchment paper instead of my silicon sheet.
OMG .. it works perfectly! Who knew?  I'm delighted! Parchment paper is always available, whereas that elusive silicon sheet is *still* MIA.
so .... pppphhhhtttt!  *there* you silly silicon sheet!


  1. Thanks for sharing that tip, my sheet also MIA...very suspicious.

  2. I think there must be a serial thief in our midst.

    Thanks for visiting!