Monday, November 21, 2011

It was *just* a second ....

Honest to goodness, I stepped away from my computer for JUST A SECOND. 

When I returned, THIS is what I saw.  ::sigh:: 

If you look closely at the monitor, you'll see a BUNCH of extra windows that popped up, including one that had the computer *talking* to me.  

Fortunately, exiting/cancelling/closing down the windows also got rid of the voice.

I guess I shouldn't wonder any longer how I can remove 15 lbs of cat fur from my keyboard.  What IS worthy of a question is how come the CAT never seems to become less furry??


  1. She obviously needs attention from you :-) My cat hated my laptop because there wasn't room on the lap for both and the cat usually lost out.

  2. And you thought my cats were fat !!!!?????!!!!!

  3. oh Kay .. you wound me! :-) This was just a bad angle; she's actually a rather skinny 17 year old cat. :-)

  4. Cynthia Marrs12/1/11, 8:37 PM

    Shelley, Your "tortie" kitty looks sooo comfy. She couldn't possibly be the guilty party for all those computer windows?!


  5. Cynthia ... heck, yeah! She just plopped herself down on the keyboard, depressing a MULTITUDE of keys .. and bingo! a plethora of bizarre windows!

    She managed to activate a voice option that READ the windows to me. I had no idea such an option was even there. Thankfully, closing down each window made the voice go away. :-)