Sunday, September 04, 2011

a very purdy egg :-)

Long time readers might remember that the Pirate family has a flock of chickens.  Two of these chickens are Ameraucanas.  Ameraucanas typically lay eggs that have pale green or pale blue shells.  (The eggs themselves are normal looking). 

The Pirate Ameraucanas have only EVER laid green shelled eggs.  (Personally, I think the blue shelled eggs are an urban myth cuz I ain't never seen one!)  The green is really much greener than this picture depicts.  This particular green shelled egg has some very lovely speckles on them; I prefer to think of them as "freckles".  :-)

Isn't this egg just plain, ol' purdy?  ;-)  

On the quilting front ... it's not.  I haven't done any quilting since the end of July and I'm definitely feeling the heebie-jeebies from the lack.  But, there is a very good reason: I've been busy sewing the wedding outfit for our oldest daughter, who's wedding will be this coming Saturday (like, a week from now!).  It's been a long haul, doing that outfit.  I am on the 5 yard line and I have firm expectations of being able to FINISH it tomorrow!  oh hooray, she said tiredly.

However, there is no rest for the wicked, for as soon as the wedding outfit is complete, I get to help Mr. Pirate start tidying up the yard.  (The reception is being held here at the Ol' Homestead.)  Tomorrow afternoon, middle Dear Daughter is arriving to help me start tidying up the public rooms in the house.  (True confession time: whenever I have company over, I only clean the "public" rooms .. living room, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms and family rooms.  Company never goes in the bedrooms nor my sewing room, so why waste time cleaning them up? :-)   )

All of this pre-wedding activity is the justification for the lack of blog entries.   After the wedding, I am simply going to collapse.  After that ... I am going to quilt!  quilt!  quilt!  :-)

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