Friday, August 19, 2011

Oh! I've entered a contest! Vote for me!

I usually don't enter contests because I have SO MANY projects on my List of Quilts To Make that I can't ever justify deviating from working on my List to work on a different, specific quilt.  However, I just happened to stumble upon the weekly contest over at the Quilting Gallery.  The theme of this current week's "Floral Quilts".

Well, by golly, I *do* have a floral quilt!  It's even quilted!  :-)  So, on a whim, I entered into the contest with Nabi Garden.  :-)  (that link will send you to *my* webpage where Nabi Garden is described in excruciating detail.  Lotsa verbage and lotsa pictures!)

Apparently the winner is determined by popular vote, so I am asking you, Dear Reader, to surf on over to the Weekly Contest.  Scroll on down the page and you'll see thumbnails of all the entries.  Below the pictures will be some check boxes.  The Rules state that you (as voter) can choose up to six quilts.  Please be sure to make sure that my Nabi Garden is one of the ones you checked!  :-)

In any case, I would deeply, deeply appreciate it if y'all would go to the contest link and VOTE FOR ME!  :-)  Although there are some absolutely wonderful quilts entered, none are as wonderful as mine. :-)  I urge you to admire but ignore them.  Vote for me!  :-)

(subliminal message: Vote for me!)


  1. Beautiful! I voted! It took me awhile to figure out the voting "Squares" were way at the bottom of the pictures and the page. Duh!

  2. And very nice too. Well worth voting for.

  3. thank you, thank you!

    heh heh ... your (virtual) check is in the mail!

  4. I voted. Stop by my blog for a chance to win your choice of a beautiful handmade bracelet!

  5. Very pretty quilt. I can identify with the process. I never know where I will end up when I start out and my entry, too, started with a bunch of triangles.

  6. I agree..... none as beautiful as yours. Keep us updated on the outcome okay?