Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No quilting for a while ....

... as I am working on our oldest Dear Daughter's wedding outfit.  The happy date is Sept 10th .. so I have some serious garment sewing to do.   That, of course, is taking precedence over any quilting projects!

Her outfit consists of a corset top over a separate A-line, full-length skirt.  I have experience in making corsets, as another Dear Daughter has been heavily involved in Victorian re-enactments and I have made her the Victorian outfits she's needed .. which included proper Victorian corsets! 

Here's a Victorian corset and a second Victorian corset.  Another Dear Daughter got a fancy corset as the top of her senior prom outfit. So, when I say that I can make a corset .. I can. :-)

However, oldest Dear Daughter wants shoulder straps for this corset (that don't look as though they are an add-on element) and that is a new wrinkle for me.  Since it has been about *four* years since I made the last corset, my skills aren't finely honed.  Thankfully, my corset instructor is available for consultation and hand-holding!  With her expert skills and instruction, I have successfully made a workable mock-up. 

It's time to take a deep breath and cut into the Real Fabric.  :-)   With any luck, I can have the base fabric cut and sewn by this weekend.  At that point, push will have come to shove and Dear Daughter simply *must* make a decision as to exactly which fabrics she wants as the outer fabric!

With more luck, I might even be able to get the corset *finished* by the first weekend in August.

It goes without saying that there won't be any "progress" pictures!  No sneak peaks, no teasers.  Pictures will need to wait until after the wedding. :-)  I'm sure y'all understand.  :-)

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  1. I'll think good thoughts for you. I made my daughter's wedding dress, and it was a Project! She lives in DC, we live in NJ. I made many, many train trips with the muslin.
    In fact I got so good at taking the muslin apart and remaking it that making the dress itself was (relatively) easy: all 4 times, lining, satin dress, chiffon overlay, lace overlay.

    Be glad your DD lives close.

    Best wishes to both of you.