Saturday, December 11, 2010

What I Put Up With

Let's see ... I'm trying to work on a needle turn applique project.  It's going to be the top and bottom border of a 60" wide quilt, of which I have already made the center 60" wide square.  I vacate my chair to get "something" from "somewhere" and THIS is what I return to. 

Yes, that is Little Paw, occupying the EXACT spot where my applique is.  See that placemat in the background?  THAT is where I would like to her be ... I have grudgingly sacrificed the immediate useability of a placemat just so she could have some warm fabric between her furry little bottom and the surface of the cutting table.  (The "sacrifice" is because after she sits on ANYTHING, that item immediately needs to be laundered.  She is NOT a tidy cat.)  Apparently, the placemat was deemed Unacceptable .. probably because the "sun" (in the form of the light source ... wasn't there.)  Where was the sun?  On my applique, hence that's the spot to be in.

All righty then ... let's abandon hand sewing for a while.  Let's mosey on into my office.  I can read my email ... catch up on my forum messages ... read the blogs I follow in Google Reader.

But hark!  What do I see in my office?  What IS that dark furry spot in the middle of my office chair??

Why, none other than Sneaker, our Mighty Hunter.  Obviously tuckered out from a day's honest labor of Hunting and Protecting Our Honor.  I don't dare disturb the Mighty Beast of Armagossa for fear that my fetlocks could be severely menaced.  Oh, and don't click on that link if you are easily grossed out.  It most definitely contains Grisly Matter.  ::yuck::

My two favored past times are temporarily put on hiatus .. I'm not quite sure what to do with my "free" time.

Don't suggest housework; that just ain't happenin'.  :-)


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  2. could always go wodrkout..:-)

  3. That should be "workout"..and sorry for the double post...blogger was acting strangely.

  4. ha! I've learned to leave a decoy project to attract the kitties when I get up. Doesn't always work tho - darn clever kitties!

  5. Find some kitty treats and wave them in front of the cats...

  6. Humm. I think it is a kitty diabolical plot that they all participate in. Lets see how we can show our humans that they are really not in charge.
    Our kitty likes to hid in my closet where he spreads his kitty fur to all my clothes - not my husbands.
    They do look adorably cute curled up there.
    Maybe you could curl up and read a book and dream of quilty stuff?

  7. Lol! I was laughing about your chicken post and then I read this one about your cats, so funny.