Friday, March 24, 2017

A request to help a child in need

There are so many sad stories going around of people that you can't possibly help but if you could, you would at least consider it.  This post is one that I ask you to at least consider.

My youngest (adult) daughter has a friend, a single Mom, Miranda, who has a 12 year old daughter, Lily.  Up until about a year ago, Lily had a normal life.  And then things went inexplicably haywire.  For reasons unknown, she developed severe problems that are interfering with and preventing her from eating, speech formation and muscle development.  Surgeries have been performed, DNA/chromosomal tests have been done, OT & PT are on-going, In the beginning, doctors didn't have a clue what was going on; somewhat later, Miranda reports that a preliminary diagnosis of Dysarthria, cause unknown, was given.  Her insurance company is throwing up roadblocks for coverage.  The schools are throwing up roadblocks for IEPs.

Miranda's employer let her go because she needed to take so much time off for the constant medical appointments & procedures, legal appointments and other interruptions due to her daughter's condition.  Miranda and Lily are currently living with one of Miranda's friends to save on rent.  They live very frugally.   But there are on-going medical and legal expenses as well as expenses that sneak up and you don't even realize they really do need to be funded ... like gas money.  Miranda drove over 3000 miles last year just for medical appointments and similar.  I know how much a tank of gas costs for us and you need to have gas in the car.

Like many people, Miranda doesn't like asking for help but this situation is well beyond her capability to handle.  A Give Forward account has been created to donate funds, gift cards, and specific items that Lily needs to help her manage her medical obstacles to a certain degree.  You can read about that account here.    Even a $10 donation is deeply appreciated, as that can be applied towards gas or a baby sitter when Miranda needs to attend medical or legal appointments.

I don't personally know Miranda or Lily, but my daughter, Rene, does.   I trust Rene's judgement and compassion so that this isn't a scam.

If you would click on the Give Forward link to read of Miranda's and Lily's situation and consider a donation to help them, I would appreciate it.    Thanks for your time in reading this far.

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